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 Frag and Trickjump Rules

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Frag and Trickjump Rules Empty
PostSubject: Frag and Trickjump Rules   Frag and Trickjump Rules EmptyMon Jan 02, 2012 11:23 pm


Frag Rules:


1. Only English in main chat.
2. Do never use any kind of hacks.
3. Double clanning is NOT allowed.
4. Insulting / disrespect excessive swearing and whining is not allowed.
5. No server hacking in any way
6. Never abuse your commands.
7. Spawnkilling is allowed but please, if you're a fair player, give a chance to newbies.
8. Spawnkilling with mortar, mg42, panzer, flamethrower, arty, or airstrike, is NOT allowed
9. Alaways listen to a higher admin, if you think he is not right, report it to a clan leader or owner.
10. NEVER ask for level.
11. Never teampush for the fun
12. Walljumping and glitching is NOT allowed.
13. Do never use glitches, even for the fun, it makes sometimes huge lags in server?
14. Don't spam.
15. Namestealing and bad names, are NOT allowed


1. Only English in main chat.
This rule is quite easy to understand, we have people from all countries playing in the servers, and if you speak dutch, you don't like when you only see people talking french or polish, so please, have respect for the people from other countries and talk English.
If you want to talk your own languages. Use PM. It's very simple: Do in the console
/m <part of recipient's name> <text>
For example: /m sky Hello -> Sky will receive the PM: Hello
If you want to send a pm to all the admins, do /m Aj <text>, this is very usefull.

2. Do never use any kind of hacks.
There are many hacks and I'm sure I don't know many of them, so the rule will be clear: NO HACKS
Aimbots, Wallhack, Multi satchel, Speedhack, Mortar hacks, Rifle hacks, and much more
It will get you BANNED permanently.
If you spot a hacker, ALWAYS take a demo and, please only ban him imediately if he causes trouble in the server (like having megakills all the time)
If you are not sure he uses hacks, DON'T ban him, but post your demo on forum and higher admins will debate if it is hack or not.
You can find more information about catching cheaters in the tutorial section.

3. Double clanning is NOT allowed.
This one is also an easy one. If you are in Aj, it's to help to servers to grow, recruit people, and make something good from this clan. You don't do this being in 2 clans. (Or more) So the rule is NO DOUBLE CLANNING. We will ask double clanners to choose one clan, ours or the other clan. If he choose the other clan he will be kicked out of Aj and it will be harder to rejoin later.

4. Insulting / disrespect excessive swearing and whining is not allowed.
Never insult or disrespect visitors, members, admins, owners, ... Just NEVER disrespect anyone.
About the swearing, we have a good performance anti-trickswear automute. If you still trickswear, you will be muted by an admin.
If you swear again, you will have a second mute, and if it seems you keep swearing, this will end with PERMA mute and kick out of Aj for members.
Whining is only for skilless jealous people, so how more you whine, how slow you'll be promoted.
Talking about politics, religion and gf is also not allowed.

5. No server hacking in any way
Hack attempts on our servers and hacking our servers will result with IPban.
If the leaders of an other clan come with proofs of our members hacking their servers, we will act in consequences. Ban

6. Never abuse your commands.
Abusing your commands is a very childisch behavour and will be hardly punished.
Especialy if it's a high admin who abuse.
Do NEVER use your commands for the fun, like !slap !splat !freeze !disarm !smite !splata
Those are commands against rulebreakers so do never use them against fair players for your own fun.
Spamming the voicechat commands like !multikill and misuse of swap and shuffle is also counted as abuse.

7. Spawnkilling (SK) is allowed with light weapons.
You are allowed to spawnkill. But PLEASE, have respect for newbies who doesn't play good. Give them a chance to play, let them see what's out of that spawn!
You've been a newbie who hates SK too, don't forget that Wink

8. Spawnkilling with heavy weapons is NOT allowed. (Heavy SK)
Using the following weapons at spawn or near any spawn, is NOT allowed
Panzers, Flamethrowers, Mortars, Mg42, Artilery, Airstrikes, ...

9. Always listen to a higher admin
If a high admin ask you to do something, do it. He certainly has a good reason to do it.
If you think it's abuse and the admin is not right, post in admin abuse section, with proof ofcourse.
Remember: No proof = No actions

10. NEVER ask for level.
We don't need levelhunters here, yes we are a new clan, yes people get fast promo with good work BUT levelhunters will be kicked out.
If you have a proof of somebody asking for lvl, post the screenshots in the right section or show them to an owner.

11. Never teampush for the fun
You are only allowed to push enemies or teammates who blocks you, if you push for the "fun" you will receive a nice !splat or even a nice !kick.

12. Walljumping and glitching is NOT allowed
Walljump is double jump over a wall to do the objective quicker. It's not only disallowed for engineers, all classes are not allowed to WJ.
Walljump is punished by !splat !disarm or !freeze, if the walljumpers persists, it will be a !kick or a !ban for some days.
Glitching is using bugs of the maps to have an advantage on the other players. NEVER use them! It can make huge lags on the server.

14. Don't spam.
We know that sometimes people need attention. But THIS IS NOT A REASON TO SPAM!
Spamming vsays or binds is not allowed and will result in mute or even permamute.
Reload binds and namechangers are allowed, but NOT if it annoys an admin watching the console. Then you have to put it off.
Saying "aaaaaaaaaaaa" all the time is also counted like spam and will end with a mute.

15. Namestealing and bad names or NOT allowed.
You are not allowed to steal somebody's name. Using sexist, political or religious names, is also NOT allowed.
If your name is ment to offend somebody, you will be renamed, and !kicked if you persist.

Trickjump Rules:
Coming soon...

NOTE: Those are NOT definitive rules, they can be changed soon, founders need to talk about it.
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Frag and Trickjump Rules
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