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 General Roster of Aj (with Xfire)

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General Roster of Aj (with Xfire) Empty
PostSubject: General Roster of Aj (with Xfire)   General Roster of Aj (with Xfire) EmptyMon Jan 02, 2012 11:59 pm


Founders team: (997+)

Sky lvl: 999 (Xfire: Skyfighterx)

NielS lvl: 998 (Xfire: Nielssky1995)

Il!as lvl: 997 (Xfire: belgiumowner15

Alpha Admins: (777)

Rick (Xfire: / )

Admins: (400)

Newbie (Xfire: tkotplayer)

Trusted Members: (300)

Hitman (Xfire: 999911111 )

Known Members: (200)

KraaZz (Xfire: ? )
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General Roster of Aj (with Xfire)
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