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 Using !shuffle !next !swap !reset etc...

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Using !shuffle !next !swap !reset etc... Empty
PostSubject: Using !shuffle !next !swap !reset etc...   Using !shuffle !next !swap !reset etc... EmptyTue Jan 03, 2012 12:20 am

The usage of these commands is only for high admins.
Let's explain how you should use them.

For !nextmap
Only do nextmap when NOBODY disagrees.
If nobody says no, you can do !next.

For !shuffle
Only do shuffle if the teams are uneven and nobody want to fix it or can fix it.
Uneven teams are 6vs4 teams or things like that. Don't shuffle for 5vs4.
If one team is powning the other team hard (with sk), you are allowed to use !shuffle to even up the teams.

For !swap
Only swap the teams if all the players agrees.
If one guy says no, its no swap.

For !reset
Same as next, only if none disagrees.

For !panzerwar !snipewar !glow etc
Those commands are only used for events. Never use them without permission of a founder
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Using !shuffle !next !swap !reset etc...
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