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 Information about Donating

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PostSubject: Information about Donating   Information about Donating EmptyTue Jan 03, 2012 11:51 pm

Donating for Aj

Aj is a new clan, we have new servers and they are actually homehosted.
We plan to host them soon somewhere else, but for that, we need money.
Thats why we will start with the ownership.
Each member who is atleast in clan for one month, can donate 5 to 10 euro to help us with the servers.
Ofcourse these donations will be rewarded.

Each member who will donate, will receive the "Owner" status on forum and in game.
This status is for every single Aj server for the moment.
Owners are in rank, under the clan leaders, but above all the other high admins.
They will be setted Moderator on forum and will receive level 800 in game.
With this level 800 they can use every single command ingame.

If an Owner shows a really good behavour ingame and on forums, the founders (and only the founders),
can choose to promote him to Alpha Owner.
An Alpha owner is above all the other owners and and has the rcon pass of the servers.
He has level 888 ingame.

If you are interrested into donating,
please contact me, or another founder (niels and ilias)

Founders team.

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Information about Donating
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